Stabilization Exercises Medal For Healthy Shoulders

Stabilization Exercises Medal For Healthy Shoulders

Exercise Medal stabilization is an important aspect of the prevention of swimmer’s shoulder, one of the most common injuries.

Strengthening exercises in this article will allow the scapula (the shoulder) and the shoulder joint remains stable during the overhead arm movements that occur in different swimming strokes, and thus prevent your shoulder.

By the way, this is not the shoulder exercises for swimmers only but can be used by anyone who wants to strengthen its stabilizer Medal.

Exercise Instructions

Exercises to do with number of repetitions, between 10 and 20.
Exercises should be done three times a jasa pembuat kolam renang week, with at least one day between each exercise.
Scapular Stabilization Exercises Lying Dumbbell Presses

These exercises strengthen the serratus anterior, which is responsible for both draws scapula forward around the ribs and to stabilize it.

Lie on your back on a bench or on the floor.
Holding a light dumbbell (2-5 kilograms) on each side.
Extend your arms so they are vertical, with the palms turned inwards.
Now push your arm further over so that your shoulder blades apart. Keep your forearms parallel and extended.
Lower your arm back to their initial positions. Pull your shoulder blades and squeezing them together again.
Do between 10 and 20 repetitions.
If the practice becomes easy, instead of increasing the number of repetitions (e.g. 30) of weight, or switch to exercise # 2
Scapular Stabilization Exercises The Push Up Plus

This exercise would also strengthen the serratus anterior. It is more difficult than exercise # 1, so you may wish to progress to this exercise after exercise # 1 is easy.

Position yourself in a push-up position: face down, body horizontal, hands shoulder width on the floor, arms extended.
Always keep your head aligned with the spine.
Now pushing myself further up by expanding your shoulders forward and squeeze your shoulder blades apart.
Let go of the scapula and letting gravity take you back to the starting position. Your arm stay extended.
Do between 10 and 20 repetitions.
If the practice is too hard, you may want to put yourself in the shoes of the lesser horizontal, for example by having the foot on the floor and your hands on the bench or table.
Scapular Stabilization Exercises Blackburns

This combination of three highly effective exercises to strengthen all of the muscles of the stabilizer Medal.

Lying face on the floor. Your head rests on the towel.
The angle of the elbow at 90 °, arm parallel to the body. Your thumb shows.
Now squeeze your shoulder blades and lift your arms off the floor, then release.
Do between 10 and 20 repetitions.
You can also do this exercise by keeping the arms straight so that they form a T-shape as with your body. Your thumb should still be pointed.
Move your arms down so they form A-like shape with your body. Your turn palms up.
Again squeeze your shoulder blades and lift your arms off the floor, then release.
Do between 10 and 20 repetitions.
Extend your arms in front of you so that they form the shape of a Y-like with your body. Changing hands down.
Again squeeze your shoulder blades and lift your arms off the floor, then release.
Do between 10 and 20 repetitions.
After 20 iterations without weights you can do, you can add a very light dumbbells (2-5 kilograms).

Swimming Pool Equipment For A Beginner

Swimming Pool Equipment For A Beginner

discuss swimming pool equipment you need when you learn how to swim. There are some important things that you need to get and then there are some ancillary supplies pool that can really help you to improve faster. Find out more below!

Important Tools To Use When Learning To Swim

Swimsuit: obviously you will need a bathing suit to learn how to swim. For men, this usually swim pants. Boardshorts are not good for swimming because they kontraktor kolam renang make too much traction. In addition, they are prohibited in certain pools for health reasons. For women, the most comfortable dress is a one-piece swimsuit.

Swimming Cap: in most cases, the Swim Cap required when swimming in a public pool. And a swimming CAP is also very useful if you have long hair and would like to avoid that it will be very helpful when swimming.

Swimming glasses: If you are serious about learning how to swim, swimming goggles are also compulsory for them will allow you to put your head under the water without making your eyes hurt when in the water. This will allow a more relaxed and efficient when swimming.

nose clips: when you learn freestyle or backstroke, it takes coordination to integrate breathing to stroke and it usually takes time to learn how to do this. Using nose clips brought tears from the nose, so it’s one less thing to worry about during the early stages of learning.

Swim fins: fins swim is a great tool to have while learning to crawl and Butterfly stroke. They provide efficient kick and allows you to focus on the movements of the arms and body in berundulasi crawling butterflies. My preference goes to a short swim fins, kind of like the Zoomers or Speedo Biofuse, as they say reduces the strain on the Achilles Tendon.

Swimming Pool Equipment

The following swimming pool equipment is usually available at the local pool, so that the clips do not usually need to buy it.

pull buoy: a buoy attraction is eight figures in the shape of the vest is made of a foam c put between your legs. This gives the lower body floating clips so that the foot does not need to work and so much fun to learn arm movement. Certain swimmers also use it to crawl to the next round of pool, but in my opinion this is not useful as Maskers balance problems.

Water: water noodles noodles (also called swim noodles) colored long flexible cylinders made of foam. They are great pool toys but also interesting to use as a flotation device that supports the upper body while learning the correct foot movement.

Kickboard: Kickboard is also used to isolate the work away and can pull in certain cases. However, it can make a shoulder strain, mainly held in front of you with your arms extended, and that’s why I prefer to use water noodles in most cases as an alternative.


There is another good swimming pool equipment available, but if you are starting out, swimming pool equipment listed on this page should you get away on your favorite sport!