How To Easily Collect Rupiah from Home

How To Easily Collect Rupiah from Home

If all this time you just limited the plan or may even often procrastinate to start utilizing your home as a place of business, why not immediately realized it?

Whatever the type of business, the result would be good to increase your rupiah coffers. And as a guide, consider the suggestions of the following experts.

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Know your market share

The most important step to start a home business is to determine the type of business by doing research that is pretty observant around the area of ​​your home.

“The key, know what the environmental needs around you,” said Mike Rini Sutikno, Financial Planner of Partners Education Plans (MRE).

For example your home near the school or interior rumah college then you can try the cafe business, if around your house a lot of scattered places kos can try to open laundry or restaurant.

Prepare the place

If you have managed to find the type of business, the next step is to prepare the place.

Eko Endarto, RFA., Financial Planner from Finansia Consulting, advises, “We recommend that you do not need a place too big so it is not too much trouble and does not disturb the surrounding environment.”

You can take advantage of garage or home page by redecorating as needed. For example by placing a storefront, table, or other equipment that suits the type of business.

Get a supplier

Whatever type of business you choose to make sure that you can get a supplier or supplier that can supply your business needs.

“This is not a trivial matter because it will affect your business continuity,” said Mike.

If your product is in the form of goods you can survey to the manufacturer or its dealer by considering the price and availability of the smoothness of its production.

Or if the product services such as tickets, voucher credit, you can make sure to the vendor. “And make sure you make a deal (written) with them,” Mike added.

Operational strategy

Every business must have to manage for operational and this of course need cost. “To minimize any expenses from the business you are currently running, we recommend maximizing all available resources,” advises Mike.

You can empower family members or may be household assistants at home – certainly with incentives so they will not be considered an additional workload.

Make a promotion

A new venture, of course, not many people know. You need to promote to introduce it. The trick can be by visiting neighboring homes or spread flyers around the neighborhood where the business.

“You can also take advantage of social networking sites in cyberspace,” advises Mike. And do not forget to describe the product quality of the business you live in, the address is clear, and if possible reinforced with interesting photographs or displays.

Expand the business

The key to successful big people is never satisfied with the success he achieved. So if your business has started running and seems to start showing results do not stop there.

“Diversify the business to maximize your profits by taking advantage of customers or places of business that have started to be known,” said Eko.

If the type of business cafe you can use it also by providing typing services, even with a variety of beverages and snacks. Or you can also combine it like a café with laundry and so forth.

Provide excellent service

The buyer is king. That is the motto that you must remember and apply in running the business. “As much as possible to make your customers feel comfortable with friendly service and cheap smile,” said Mike.

Step A-Z Buy a Used House with KPR

Step A-Z Buy a Used House with KPR

Did you know that the process of buying a used house is more difficult than a new house?

Basically, the stages of buying a new home through the developer is a little easier, the article of all affairs assisted directly by the marketing. Unlike the former house which inevitably everything must be done alone.

Unless you are interested in seeking the help of a property agent, whose agency options can be found at Search Agent

The channel features 11,716 trusted agent lists spread across the region in Indonesia.

The agent in need of finding this house, will not only rumah minimalis modern help you find the house in the ideal location, but also help the process of buying and selling including negotiation.

Not to forget, the problem of handling important documents such as certificates can be handled.

But if you are curious and more want to be experienced in terms of buying a used house through the mortgage, consider the step by step that review the following.

First, haggle with the house opener

Just like shopping for household needs in the market, you are also allowed to bid to the seller.

Origin, do not make the owner of the house ilfeel because you bid a very low price.

After the negotiation affairs completed, now is the time to think about how the down payment must be paid first before filling out the mortgage application form.

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Remember, banks will only finance home prices 70-80% of the price of the house is not entirely. So you as the debtor must bear the remaining 20% ​​or 30% of the sale price itself.

In addition to note that the price is pegged by the seller is not necessarily as valuable with the bank.

In some cases, banks more often value the house below the seller’s price.

If you have this, then you must be willing to spend more in order to pay off the remaining selling price requested homeowners.

Second, go to the bank

After selecting some banks that have a home mortgage program used, now time to come directly to ask about the program more details.

If you have found a match, immediately submit mortgage before the house coveted seized others.

It’s a good idea to visit a mortgage bank with the seller directly. Because the bank will require a number of important documents to be taken. This document must belong to the seller, including;

Photocopy of house certificate
Photocopy of Building Permit (IMB)
Photocopy of UN payment receipt for the last year
Letter of home buying and selling agreement between seller and buyer signed on stamp duty
Third, the moment of judgment

Do not think the mortgage submission stage is the end of the process. There are still other steps that make enough heart beat faster.

Yes, appraisal aka bank judgment. This stage will charge the prospective borrowers around Rp400 Thousands.

The team of analysts will visit your coveted home by giving an assessment based on two general approaches. Is a market pricing approach and cost approach. Want to know what the meaning of both? Click here!

Buy a house with a mortgage

Fourth, the signing Letter of Credit Agreement

BI checking, mortgage submissions, and bank appraisals all show that you qualify and are entitled to a mortgage facility. Next, prepare yourself and time to step into the approval stage of the home buying process.

Consider carefully all the documents that the bank brings and then you must sign. Do not let any mistakes that can be fatal in the future.

Fifth, signature of contract

This is the end of what some people can call the happiest moment. After a long journey, finally dream house is in sight.

You as the buyer will be asked to sign two types of contracts, namely contracts of sale (buyers and sellers of houses) and credit agreements (home buyers and banks giving mortgage).

Before making a credit agreement, make sure you meet the following requirements;

Pay off the mortgage and notary fees
Requesting the scheduling of signing credit agreement to bank and notary
Submit required documents, such as ID, KK, and NPWP to a notary. In this step the seller must also submit a home file, such as a certificate, IMB, the original UN and a photocopy to the notary.
Waiting for a notary to check the validity of the document
When signing the agreement with the seller and the bank officer in front of the notary, obliged to invite as well as spouse (husband / wife).

Do not forget to bring the original KTP and KK that must be shown before signing the agreement.

After the day the contract occurs, the bank within 3-7 days will send some money home purchase to your personal account.

In addition, the notary will immediately process the name of the previous home certificate on behalf of the seller to your name.

However, the certificate is not then granted to you, but becomes a bank collateral following the evidence of IMB and the original PBB.

Sinar Mas Opens Sea Forest Adventure Development

Sinar Mas Opens Sea Forest Adventure Development

One of the largest property developers in Indonesia, Sinar Mas Land, recently inaugurated the Sea Forest Adventure project which is a recreation area located on the edge of Nuvasa Bay Beach, Batam.

The groundbreaking event which took place on Thursday (15/9) marks the start of infrastructure construction work and marketing office for the Nuvasa Bay project.

Sea Forest Adventure development planned to begin operation in the first quarter of 2017 is intended for people and tourists who visit Batam, especially those who like educational activities, games, and outdoor adventure.

This recreation area stands on an area of ​​10 hectares and is focused on three main concepts of nature, adventure, and survival science. There will be a variety of facilities and games for all ages that are divided into four major areas of Gathering Facility, Glam Camp, Rain Forest and Water World.

Ishak Chandra, CEO of Strategic Development & Services Sinar Mas Land said in a press release, “In addition to being developed to become a recreation area, Sea Forest Adventure development is also a form of our commitment to support the development of tourist destination infrastructure in Batam. We are very proud and excited to be part of this great development. ”

International standard

Sea Forest Adventure development is designed with the concept as the best recreation area and international standard. In addition, Sea Forest Adventure will also be equipped with the best facilities to support all activities of visitors.

Such as Area Gathering Facility equipped with grand multifunction yard (exhibition exhibition facility, concert, various outdoor and indoor non permanent races), grand tent, food stall, beach bar, main beach, splash water and petting zoo suitable for visitors Who want to relax while enjoying the beautiful scenery of golf and beachside.

In addition there is also Glamorous Camping (Glam Camp) with restaurant facilities, glamping, tree houses, and other multifunctional facilities that can create a “close to nature” atmosphere for the visitors.

Glam Camp itself is a tent that has been modified with bathroom facilities and bedrooms like in star hotels so visitors stay close to nature without having to sacrifice comfort.

As for the adventurous travelers, this recreation area offers Rain Forest which features challenging game facilities with shades of adventure like shooting range for airsoft and paintball games, forest battle field, forest survival science tracker and built your own playground supported by forest With shady trees.

Sea Forest Adventure
There are four main areas namely Gathering Facility, Glam Camp, Rain Forest and Water World.

For those who want to enjoy water games, Sea Forest Adventure also provides Water World with floating water park, floating bar, cliff bar, hidden beach and water sport such as sailing, kayaking, banana boat, fishing, dive hunting and water sports Others.

“The purpose of Sea Forest Adventure development is to open access to the international standard recreation in the city of Batam that can be accessed by all walks of life. Therefore, we hope not to burden visitors with high retribution fees so they can enjoy almost all facilities in Sea Forest Adventure “, lid Isaac.

Chatty When Proposing KPR, Please!

Chatty When Proposing KPR, Please!

Mortgages or MORTGAGES are still being the major facilities utilized community in regards to the purchase of a home. The financing scheme of distributed bank MORTGAGE according to the Ordinance the BI currently is 85% of the price of the House.

In fact, MORTGAGES are provided by banks, although there have been several finance companies that disburse funds from the secondary institution for financing housing (housing financing scheme).

Own MORTGAGE interest of consumers because it offers a number of advantages, including initial cost is not great. Prospective borrowers only be required complete documents including the home down payment have paid off to developers.

Broadly speaking, the General requirements rumah dijual solo  that must be included in the submission of the ACTS is as follows:

CITIZENS and domiciled in Indonesia
Permanent employees with minimum of 2 years work experience
Self employed with a minimum of 3 years business experience
Professional practice experience with at least 2 years
Minimum age at the time of financing given is 21 years, and the maximum retirement age to 65 years for employees or self-employed and professionals
Have a minimum monthly net income of Rp 3 million to employees, the self-employed, and professional (information for the submission of area around Jabodetabek)
Complete the required documents, among others:
a) Employees: Card Identification (ID) Card, a family and marriage licenses, the last Salary Slip or Certificate of salary, bank account statements/savings 3 months, personal TAX ID
b) Self-employed: Identification Card (ID CARD), a card family and marriage certificate, bank account statements/savings last 3 months, last 2 years of financial statements, the legality of the effort (following the last change of statute, TDP, NPWP, SIUP), personal TAX ID
c) Professional: Identification Card (ID CARD), a card family and marriage certificate, bank account statements/savings last 3 months, a valid license to practice, a personal TAX ID
In addition, another advantage of the MORTGAGE is a repayment period can be adjusted with the ability. The longest repayment tenor limit is 25 years.

With regard to the length of time, the customer certainly won’t know what calamities would befall them. It’s either died, suffered permanent disability, tripped over layoffs, home fires, as well as events that are natural such as natural disasters.

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For the sake of coping solution when the unwanted stuff that happens, then the customer is required to more thoroughly and understand the forms of protection that banks are included in the insurance.

“One Islamic bank provides a time limit for its customers 14 days in order to understand very well what is encapsulated in the credit contract sheet. And of course all the bank also implemented such a pattern, “said CEO of Amana Consulting while Sharia Banking Specialist, Ahmad Sholihin Ifham.

The goal, according to Ahmad, so there are no misunderstandings at a later date if there is one case that hit borrowers.

“In the credit contract is recorded clearly article per article that determined the bank, including any insurance policy that can be enjoyed by the customer. Well, as a smart client, read and understand articles and ask if there are any less intelligible, “he explained.

“Nag in the affairs like this, compulsory law!” she insists.

This Is The Reason Why You Should Insure Your Home

This Is The Reason Why You Should Insure Your Home

Though only briefly, you might briefly wonder about how the importance of insuring a home. Well, usually when you buy a new home first or just pay off MORTGAGES (Mortgages), you will realize that the House is a valuable asset.

Valuable not just from the value of an already issued and money alone, but also because of the process that is to have it also quite long and tiring. The obvious by having home insurance will provide a calmness over your most precious assets.

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And here are some reasons why you need home insurance.

1. As a condition of the loan

Some financial institutions provide terms to have home insurance before submitting a loan. The Agency wanted to ensure that the loan can be repaid with timely and the home you inhabit is safe from natural disasters such as fire or other risks.

For the record, it could be of value to be paid for the loans become more expensive because there are insurance premiums. If possible, buy home insurance outside of the mortgage payments.

2. Protect from lawsuits

Currently, many home insurance that also provide protection not only on the physical condition of the home but also the risk of accidents which may occur in the home. These benefits can also protect you from lawsuits if someone gets hurt at home.

3. Avoid the risk of losing

Home insurance will provide replacement or repair if the House suffered damage from fire, windstorm, earthquakes, and other natural disasters – but does not include flood or disaster due to human action.

There are also some insurance which provides benefits rumah dijual di solo  to protect damage from electrical shock or damage to the water pipes.

4. Protect your home value

The House is one of the largest investment that person does in life. When doing renovations, home values will also increase. This insurance can protect your property, when something undesirable happens then you need not worry about losing the value of the renovation.

5. Give the place a while when a disaster occurs

Insurance companies also exist that provide temporary refuge when natural disasters occur. For example, when a tree fell and make the roof be broken so that its inhabitants could not rest at home for a while. Insurance will provide the cost of the accommodation to your House fixed.

6. Protect from burglars and thieves

Insurance can also protect from robbery or theft in the House. If there is someone who comes in and steals property, insurers will calculate how the value of the lost treasures and will replace it.

In order to process the replacement went smoothly make sure you always records the entire property that is in the home, not just in the form of a document but complete with photos as well as the sign of a purchase.

Indonesia Haven For Foreign Hotel Business Operators

Indonesia Haven For Foreign Hotel Business Operators

According to data from BPS (Central Statistical Bureau), from the year 2008 up to 2015 has been an increase in the number of visits of foreign tourists in Indonesia around 10%. From 6.2 million in 2008 increased to 10.4 million in 2015.

And until August of 2016, the number of foreign tourists visit already entered in numbers 7.36 million or about 8% compared to the same period last year.

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This condition, according to Christy Megawati, Business Development Manager of STR Global, indeed showed that what was done by the Ministry of Tourism more or less affects growth and development of hospitality businesses in Indonesia.

Though what has been done by the Government have not been impacted the most, but at least with a promotion for some tourist destinations more and boost the arrival of foreign tourists to visit Indonesia. Call it some tourist sites are getting to be a prima donna like Raja Ampat, Komodo Island, and more.

And if we breakdown, based on a survey conducted by Leads Property, most foreign tourists visiting Indonesia is apparently derived from 5 countries. Starting from China (9.09%), Malaysia (14,05%), Japan (10,93%), Saudi Arabia (9.68%), and Singapore (8,84%). Where the total visits from 5 countries of about 800 thousand foreign tourists.

This condition is indeed brought a positive impact for hospitality businesses in Indonesia. Potential tourists visit – both from home and abroad – this makes a very large hotel operators – including the international hotel operator – also try looking at the prospect of pulling from the hospitality businesses in Indonesia.

For Indonesia itself, it is clear this is a potential business that can bring in foreign exchange for the country. Because each foreign tourists coming to Indonesia issued an average of 1,100 – 1,200 u.s. dollars per visit (source: PHRI).

In the end no matter the tourism sector contributes significantly to the economy Indonesia. At least 2016 only the tourism sector contributes about 4% and the plan the Government will also increase be 8% by 2020. Therefore the Government hopes by 2020 the number of visits of tourists to Indonesia could reach 20 million tourists.

While several new hotel projects which will be the flagship projects during 4-5 years as follows: two hotels Sofitel, Pullman, one of five hotels hotel Grand Mercure and Novotel, Mgallery hotel ten, and dozens of hotel Mercure and Ibis.

And currently in Bali there are several five-star hotels that are in the process of development, such as: Jumeirah in Jimbaran (Room 104), Marriott Saba Bay Resort in Gianyar (200 rooms), Amari in Pecatu Bali (435 rooms), The Westin Ubud Resort & Spa (110 rooms), and Waldorf Astoria Bali Uluwatu (98).

In the accumulation of data, such as that delivered by Ferry Salanto, Senior Director of Research Asociate Collier International, conditions of supply hotel Jakarta in 4-5 years is also quite interesting.

To Q3-2016 there are about 38,483 hotel rooms in Jakarta. Consisting of a 3-star hotel room 10,665, 15,217 Room 4-star hotel, as well as a 5-star hotel room 12,590, and the rest can go to 3,443 expected to fill out the supply of hotel rooms in Jakarta.