4 simple steps make pretty Look Gazebo

4 simple steps Percantik Look Gazebo

The gazebo is one element that is apt to be added if you want to beautify your garden area. In addition to beautifying, gazebo is also a place that is very suitable as a relax area. Therefore, the gazebo should be designed as comfortable as possible, like any other room in the House. This is of course in addition to be able to make it looks more interesting, the time can be jasa pembuat taman passed more enjoyable. Not to worry, because move made was not complicated and simply adding objects as simple as below. That way, the gazebo can be more beautiful and you enjoy more relaxing there. Happy organizing!


Furniture such as a desk, coffee table, sofa, chair, or just single pedestal sitting is some mandatory objects to add. In addition to giving convenience, they also can make your furniture look gazebo more interesting to be seen. Attach cushion or carpet if necessary so that it feels more delicate moment of activity. Cheer looks by playing colors on various objects. For example, choose a bright color to one of the furniture and make the object as a focal point. It could also, senadakan color cushion and carpet so it can be its own accent.

beautify your gazebo


The curtain is an element that can make a place look more beautiful and dramatic. Its presence may soften the wood panels gazebo or material on its structure. Blinds can also be useful to protect from the heat of the sun light the middle of relax. Of course, the curtain became the elements not to be missed if you want to sweeten the look of the gazebo.

beautify your gazebo


Though the gazebo was already surrounded with a garden view, there is no harm to the surrounding area mempercanitk by placing various potted plants. In addition to giving colour, plants can also remove the impression empty in the gazebo. There is no need in great numbers, just one or two pot and place it on the counter, next to the Chair or sofa, or in one corner of the gazebo.


Lighting becomes important as night falls. Lighting can also be used as one element to accentuate the presence of the gazebo and give different effects on how it looks. Can with general lighting in the middle or string lighting at the gazebo pillars so that the display and light is increasingly riveting.

Tabebuia, planting “Sakura” in Indonesia

Tabebuia, planting “Sakura” in Indonesia

Have felt seeing cherry blossom trees in Indonesia, in Jakarta or Surabaya? If Yes, you are not wrong, because there’s a flowering tree similar to the beautiful flowers that Japan origin. His name, tabebuya or tabebuia (Tabebuia chrysotricha), a plant a large tree with jasa pembuatan taman flower-shaped Brazilian trumpet.


Due to its shape it, this tree is also known by the name trumpet tree. The colour is very diverse, as young pink, red, white, yellow, or magenta. However, it is generally a much planted in Indonesia is yellow and pink flowering tabebuia. Reflected, rather than how beautiful the garden or street when a tree decorated with this one?

It is very interesting, even if they are not an easy loss, but if the flowering season when almost all the leaves fall and changed with colourful flowers. From there the beautiful scenery gained the tree. Height could be looming ranging from 8 to 15 meters with the rod that is not too large.

In addition to the appearance that was dominated by this tree also has other advantages. Have a high survival is one of them. These trees can survive in drought conditions and can grow in a variety of soil types. Tabebuia did not take a long time to grow, sometimes at the age of 8 months this tree is already generating interest. Generally, spring tabebuia itself takes place when the dry season.

Meanwhile, the root of the tree to which a taproot (single) secured for construction of buildings in the vicinity though it berbatang hard. However, when planted in the garden or adjacent to the home, remember to always crop it and maintain an altitude of about four or five metres.


Plant a tree this can with the seed of the fruit. Choose seeds that really old, Pat dry, and store it in a dry place for at least a month. Then, for planting in the media with soil PH of 6.6-7.5 and rawat to measuring 1 metre or more, then the plant can be moved. Make sure the plants are watered and gets sufficient sunlight. When the plants have reached a height of over 10 meters, tabebuia no longer need watering. However, for maximum results keep watering and fertilizing done done every three months.