Understanding Obstetrics and Gynecology Specialists

Understanding Obstetrics and Gynecology Specialist – Many lay people who feel confused about the term obstetric and gynecology. The term is a science that deals with the branch of medical science only focus on studying and managing women’s reproductive health.

Obstetric and gynecologists are often called non-specialists, obstetricians, and sometimes gynecologists. Want a more vivid explanation again? This article will help you.

Know your Obstetrics and Gynecology Specialist

What is the Understanding of Obstetrics and Gynecology Specialists? In the medical world, especially obstetric or gynecologist doctors called specialists and commonly referred to obstetrician and obstetricians.

The duties of the experts on specialized medical services for women especially women’s health when the period of pregnancy, childbirth, and parts. Apparently with the understanding of midwifery itself which has the same understanding but is an action has nothing to do with surgery.

Gynecology is derived from the word Gynaecology, in general, gynecology is the study of femininity but with special gynecology is the science of learning the handling of women’s reproductive health.

Any label or label given the role of an obstetric specialist and gynecologist should provide the best overall health care for women’s health so that it is related to the reproductive organs.

Several countries divide this branch of science in medical science so that the specialization is very different. But a lot of money doctors are part of the obstetrician.

The Importance of Knowing Who the Doctors of Obstetrics and Gynecology Specialists

Probably very different from the term often issued by the layman. Even those who misunderstand the term. And considered to have the same understanding should recognize the words. Here’s an explanation of how important it is to know obstetric and gynecologist specialists. To avoid misunderstandings in the future.

  • Obstetrics or gynecology is the science of learning about pregnancy, childbirth, and childbirth.
  • Pregnancy or Garvidity begins at conception and conception then ends with the onset of labor.
  • Partus or childbirth is the process of removal of babies and is from the body of a mother or a woman.
  • Nifas or Puerperium is the period after which a mother has performed the required labor to restore the uterus until the condition before the mother or pregnant woman returns.
  • Obstetric is a word term from Obstu, and its Latin means side by side.
  • The obstetric goal is to bring or save a mother and child safely through periods of pregnancy, childbirth, and childbirth with minimal damage.

More broadly, the point is the purpose of the obstetric setting and optimization derived from human reproduction. This task is a weighty and broad task, it is seen from the number of people who will give birth every day.

This health service is very important because it relates to a person’s life between mother and child (baby). Without a medical group incorporated in this field can be imagined from month to month from year to year how many mothers and children die every day. That’s the purpose of obstetrics.

So that can be conveyed about the understanding of obstetric and gynecological pesky physicians may be useful for all of us and able to improve women’s health and improve the quality of health services from obstetric specialist doctors and gynecology in particular.

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