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The Historical Mosques of Morocco

The Historical Mosques of Morocco

Historical mosques

Morocco hosts several of very interesting mosques in which host a mixture of the Islamic, African, and Andalusian designs and traces of architecture. Mosques like the Qarawien and also the Towering Mineral of Hassan are integrated in many vacation holidays to Morocco for how impressive they’re. Today, we’d be checking out some of the majority of remarkable historical mosques positioned in different location of Morocco.


Historical mosques




Constructed in 1147 simply by Abel MOE’MEN which are the Islamic Caliph of Morocco at the period, the KOUTOUBIA is the best and remarkable historical mosque of Marrakesh which is commonly integrated in several travel packages to Morocco.


The mosque obtained it’s identify, KOUTOUBIA because it had been built around a large books market. Showcased by its huge columns, large rock capitals, as well as decorated domes, the KOUTOUBIA is actually the best example of the artwork and architecture of Almohad Dynasty have a tendency to amaze vacationers who excursion Morocco.


The Mosque of Al Quaraouiyine


One of the most and also ancient and a lot significant mosques in Morocco, the Mosque of Al Quaraouiyine has been built in the Seventh century in the wonderful city of Fes, generally included in numerous travel packages to Morocco.


Even though the mosque was built during the ruling period of time of Almohad’s dynasty, many other dynasties which include Almorvids added their particular contribution to the mosque remodeling it as well as increasing its space. They can largely ripe the mosque’s decorations as well as constructed any notable Minbar which is still current in the mosque until these days.


The mosque also experienced an Islamic training institution that’s considered one of the older universities in the globe. While in Fes, it will always be a good concept for travelers which tour Morocco to investigate the Mosque of Al Quaraouiyine.


The Towering Minaret of Hassan


Constructed simply by Jacob El MANSOUR, who are the founder of Al Rabat since the capital of the Moroccan Empire, the Sultan chose the location of his / her mosque carefully to end up being overlooking the Abi RekRak Lake, near the Atlantic. However, the mosque wasn’t completed because of to the problems that occurred in Andalusia at the period. However, the towering minaret of the mosque remained a clear data of how glorious it absolutely was. Today, the mosque is actually one of the most significant historical sites frequented by many travelers which tour Morocco.


With the time, the Mosque of Hassan could have been the largest in The african continent with an area that surpasses 26 thousand and also 100 square yards.

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