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Step A-Z Buy a Used House with KPR

Step A-Z Buy a Used House with KPR

Did you know that the process of buying a used house is more difficult than a new house?

Basically, the stages of buying a new home through the developer is a little easier, the article of all affairs assisted directly by the marketing. Unlike the former house which inevitably everything must be done alone.

Unless you are interested in seeking the help of a property agent, whose agency options can be found at Search Agent

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The agent in need of finding this house, will not only rumah minimalis modern help you find the house in the ideal location, but also help the process of buying and selling including negotiation.

Not to forget, the problem of handling important documents such as certificates can be handled.

But if you are curious and more want to be experienced in terms of buying a used house through the mortgage, consider the step by step that review the following.

First, haggle with the house opener

Just like shopping for household needs in the market, you are also allowed to bid to the seller.

Origin, do not make the owner of the house ilfeel because you bid a very low price.

After the negotiation affairs completed, now is the time to think about how the down payment must be paid first before filling out the mortgage application form.

(Read: Kiat Jitu Offer Price Bid)

Remember, banks will only finance home prices 70-80% of the price of the house is not entirely. So you as the debtor must bear the remaining 20% ​​or 30% of the sale price itself.

In addition to note that the price is pegged by the seller is not necessarily as valuable with the bank.

In some cases, banks more often value the house below the seller’s price.

If you have this, then you must be willing to spend more in order to pay off the remaining selling price requested homeowners.

Second, go to the bank

After selecting some banks that have a home mortgage program used, now time to come directly to ask about the program more details.

If you have found a match, immediately submit mortgage before the house coveted seized others.

It’s a good idea to visit a mortgage bank with the seller directly. Because the bank will require a number of important documents to be taken. This document must belong to the seller, including;

Photocopy of house certificate
Photocopy of Building Permit (IMB)
Photocopy of UN payment receipt for the last year
Letter of home buying and selling agreement between seller and buyer signed on stamp duty
Third, the moment of judgment

Do not think the mortgage submission stage is the end of the process. There are still other steps that make enough heart beat faster.

Yes, appraisal aka bank judgment. This stage will charge the prospective borrowers around Rp400 Thousands.

The team of analysts will visit your coveted home by giving an assessment based on two general approaches. Is a market pricing approach and cost approach. Want to know what the meaning of both? Click here!

Buy a house with a mortgage

Fourth, the signing Letter of Credit Agreement

BI checking, mortgage submissions, and bank appraisals all show that you qualify and are entitled to a mortgage facility. Next, prepare yourself and time to step into the approval stage of the home buying process.

Consider carefully all the documents that the bank brings and then you must sign. Do not let any mistakes that can be fatal in the future.

Fifth, signature of contract

This is the end of what some people can call the happiest moment. After a long journey, finally dream house is in sight.

You as the buyer will be asked to sign two types of contracts, namely contracts of sale (buyers and sellers of houses) and credit agreements (home buyers and banks giving mortgage).

Before making a credit agreement, make sure you meet the following requirements;

Pay off the mortgage and notary fees
Requesting the scheduling of signing credit agreement to bank and notary
Submit required documents, such as ID, KK, and NPWP to a notary. In this step the seller must also submit a home file, such as a certificate, IMB, the original UN and a photocopy to the notary.
Waiting for a notary to check the validity of the document
When signing the agreement with the seller and the bank officer in front of the notary, obliged to invite as well as spouse (husband / wife).

Do not forget to bring the original KTP and KK that must be shown before signing the agreement.

After the day the contract occurs, the bank within 3-7 days will send some money home purchase to your personal account.

In addition, the notary will immediately process the name of the previous home certificate on behalf of the seller to your name.

However, the certificate is not then granted to you, but becomes a bank collateral following the evidence of IMB and the original PBB.

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