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Sinar Mas Opens Sea Forest Adventure Development

Sinar Mas Opens Sea Forest Adventure Development

One of the largest property developers in Indonesia, Sinar Mas Land, recently inaugurated the Sea Forest Adventure project which is a recreation area located on the edge of Nuvasa Bay Beach, Batam.

The groundbreaking event which took place on Thursday (15/9) marks the start of infrastructure construction work and marketing office for the Nuvasa Bay project.

Sea Forest Adventure development planned to begin operation in the first quarter of 2017 is intended for people and tourists who visit Batam, especially those who like educational activities, games, and outdoor adventure.

This recreation area stands on an area of ​​10 hectares and is focused on three main concepts of nature, adventure, and survival science. There will be a variety of facilities and games for all ages that are divided into four major areas of Gathering Facility, Glam Camp, Rain Forest and Water World.

Ishak Chandra, CEO of Strategic Development & Services Sinar Mas Land said in a press release, “In addition to being developed to become a recreation area, Sea Forest Adventure development is also a form of our commitment to support the development of tourist destination infrastructure in Batam. We are very proud and excited to be part of this great development. ”

International standard

Sea Forest Adventure development is designed with the concept as the best recreation area and international standard. In addition, Sea Forest Adventure will also be equipped with the best facilities to support all activities of visitors.

Such as Area Gathering Facility equipped with grand multifunction yard (exhibition exhibition facility, concert, various outdoor and indoor non permanent races), grand tent, food stall, beach bar, main beach, splash water and petting zoo suitable for visitors Who want to relax while enjoying the beautiful scenery of golf and beachside.

In addition there is also Glamorous Camping (Glam Camp) with restaurant facilities, glamping, tree houses, and other multifunctional facilities that can create a “close to nature” atmosphere for the visitors.

Glam Camp itself is a tent that has been modified with bathroom facilities and bedrooms like in star hotels so visitors stay close to nature without having to sacrifice comfort.

As for the adventurous travelers, this recreation area offers Rain Forest which features challenging game facilities with shades of adventure like shooting range for airsoft and paintball games, forest battle field, forest survival science tracker and built your own playground supported by forest With shady trees.

Sea Forest Adventure
There are four main areas namely Gathering Facility, Glam Camp, Rain Forest and Water World.

For those who want to enjoy water games, Sea Forest Adventure also provides Water World with floating water park, floating bar, cliff bar, hidden beach and water sport such as sailing, kayaking, banana boat, fishing, dive hunting and water sports Others.

“The purpose of Sea Forest Adventure development is to open access to the international standard recreation in the city of Batam that can be accessed by all walks of life. Therefore, we hope not to burden visitors with high retribution fees so they can enjoy almost all facilities in Sea Forest Adventure “, lid Isaac.

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