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How To Easily Collect Rupiah from Home

How To Easily Collect Rupiah from Home

If all this time you just limited the plan or may even often procrastinate to start utilizing your home as a place of business, why not immediately realized it?

Whatever the type of business, the result would be good to increase your rupiah coffers. And as a guide, consider the suggestions of the following experts.

Read this too, before opening a home business

Know your market share

The most important step to start a home business is to determine the type of business by doing research that is pretty observant around the area of ​​your home.

“The key, know what the environmental needs around you,” said Mike Rini Sutikno, Financial Planner of Partners Education Plans (MRE).

For example your home near the school or interior rumah college then you can try the cafe business, if around your house a lot of scattered places kos can try to open laundry or restaurant.

Prepare the place

If you have managed to find the type of business, the next step is to prepare the place.

Eko Endarto, RFA., Financial Planner from Finansia Consulting, advises, “We recommend that you do not need a place too big so it is not too much trouble and does not disturb the surrounding environment.”

You can take advantage of garage or home page by redecorating as needed. For example by placing a storefront, table, or other equipment that suits the type of business.

Get a supplier

Whatever type of business you choose to make sure that you can get a supplier or supplier that can supply your business needs.

“This is not a trivial matter because it will affect your business continuity,” said Mike.

If your product is in the form of goods you can survey to the manufacturer or its dealer by considering the price and availability of the smoothness of its production.

Or if the product services such as tickets, voucher credit, you can make sure to the vendor. “And make sure you make a deal (written) with them,” Mike added.

Operational strategy

Every business must have to manage for operational and this of course need cost. “To minimize any expenses from the business you are currently running, we recommend maximizing all available resources,” advises Mike.

You can empower family members or may be household assistants at home – certainly with incentives so they will not be considered an additional workload.

Make a promotion

A new venture, of course, not many people know. You need to promote to introduce it. The trick can be by visiting neighboring homes or spread flyers around the neighborhood where the business.

“You can also take advantage of social networking sites in cyberspace,” advises Mike. And do not forget to describe the product quality of the business you live in, the address is clear, and if possible reinforced with interesting photographs or displays.

Expand the business

The key to successful big people is never satisfied with the success he achieved. So if your business has started running and seems to start showing results do not stop there.

“Diversify the business to maximize your profits by taking advantage of customers or places of business that have started to be known,” said Eko.

If the type of business cafe you can use it also by providing typing services, even with a variety of beverages and snacks. Or you can also combine it like a café with laundry and so forth.

Provide excellent service

The buyer is king. That is the motto that you must remember and apply in running the business. “As much as possible to make your customers feel comfortable with friendly service and cheap smile,” said Mike.

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