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The Governor of Riau ramaikan fishing competition at sea

The Governor of Riau ramaikan fishing competition at sea

As much as 822 participants participate in Riau Governor’s Cup fishing competition to 17 in 2017 in the sea of Dumai, and officially opened the Governor Arsyadjuliandi Rachman didamping mayors of Zulkifli USA, Sunday.

The Governor has said, this fishing competition so one flagship cultural tourism destination in the province of Riau and have entered calendar of tourism areas to be developed and promoted to the entire country.

“The province helped promote existing tourism potential in the area because we supported the Ministry, including a fishing competition,” said the Governor in a harbour Pier Fish landing site Sub Damai West.

The Riau provincial government is mentioned, along with other area Damai made as one of the city’s tourism sector and the ultimate digencarkan promotion through tourism agencies and utilizing information technology.

Tourism potential in Damai and other areas was also introduced in the program the Riau World greets the tourist destinations and the other campaign, one also pass Government web

“We will continue to encourage the development of tourism cultural-based Riau as government priorities to improve visitation people come and contribute to financial areas,” sebutnya.

Meanwhile, the Chairman of the Committee for fishing competition Andi Azmi says, most of the participants were citizens of Damai, and there are several anglers from Malaysia, Tanjung Pinang of Riau Islands Province and Batam, Pekanbaru, Rokan Hilir then and Duri in Bengkalis.

Race baiting with the main prize three units this motorcycle has been around since the beginning of the Damai stand and the more famous today for being one of the tour event in Riau and supported by the provincial government.

“Hundreds of participants using 146 ships pompong and 52 speedboat, with the winner of the heaviest fish caught are entitled to prizes on a motorcycle,” said Andi.

Resumption, an assessment conducted by the team winning the jury with a direct counting the fish still alive on Board participants, to avoid the mere result of cheating.

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