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John Petrucci Cover Song ‘ Let It Go ‘ With The Kids, Cool Abis

John Petrucci Cover Song ‘ Let It Go ‘ With The Kids, Cool Abis

Single Let It Go soundtrack FROZEN is so popular among music lovers of the world it’s no wonder the UK’s meteoric rise to success as one of the most influential songs by 2014. Even the soundtrack to this FROZEN still often heard in various places, including the mall, the site of karaoke and others.
Because of the popularity, not least those who cover this song was no exception The world-class guitar God John Petrucci. Pentolan group band Dream Theater looks cool played guitar along with a beautiful girl who was supposedly the son of John Petrucci sang the song Let It Go in the video uploaded by a youtube user named Aaron Sil in December 2014.

Although not full song, at least you can see how the Expression this time playing the guitar God Let It Go. Comments of praise and adulation rained video any longer than 1 minute.

Name Chris Broderick is so closely linked to the nuances of heavy metal music. Chris himself is also known as a guitarist in a shredder that uses pick-hand sweep-picking technique and also a very tappingnya dashsyat. Even Dave mustaine praised Chris as “The greatest guitar player Megadeth has ever had.”
Chris started playing guitar when he was 11 years of age. She’s not picky in the fond musical genres ranging from rock, metal, fusion, jazz, classical to country. His favorite guitarist is very diverse ranging from rock guitarists such as Jason Becker, George Lynch, Grew Howe, John Petrucci, Paul Gilbert, Marty Friedman, Jazz guitarists such as Django Reinhardt, Wes gitar akustik Montgomery, Allan Holdsworth and George Van Eps and classical guitarists such as John Williams, Paco de Lucia, Scott Tenant and Pepe Romero.

Had joined for 11 years with Jag Panzer (1997-2008) and McDowell entered Nevermore i.e. years 2001-2003 and 2006-2007, eventually Chris anchored in the world’s leading band MEGADETH.

He then gets his first guitar at the age of 11 years, and he thinks that the guitar was so terrible but he doesn’t care about it and paint it with spray paint guitar so it looks like Eddie Van Halen guitar.
He admitted that his first guitar hero as Eddie. “I loved to do all the pick scrapes and simple repeated pull-offs to open strings,” he said. The initial choice to play guitar make something big changes of social life and after he had a guitar he chose to become a guitarist.

He himself admitted his playing evolving while in high school. He also took lessons on classical guitar, electric guitar, violin and vocals every week. He also took some courses in college while he was in high school so he has a pretty heavy load.

Ironically he was almost expelled from the school because it is too focused to play the guitar. He had met his mother and says that he doesn’t want schools and just wanted to play guitar. But his mother forbids doing it, so he finally fixed the school and finally realized that it could proceed to a music school. “I never realized that was possible. So I went to the University of Denver’s Lamont School of Music and majored in classical guitar performance. ”

Initially he had trouble studying classical guitar because it turns the classic concept that there are very different than he thought. He prefers the electric guitar how to play the violin like skew and mengadaptasikannya in the melody that uses a single string. Yes, we need to be aware that playing the classical guitar is a unique blend of harmony so that between melody and rytem it into a single entity.

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