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DIY Tutorial Update More Colorful Canvas Duffel Bag

DIY Tutorial Update More Colorful Canvas Duffel Bag

Duffel bag is the one item of fashion that certainly will not be outdated and will always be cool to wear anytime. Admit it, you might even like it with different models of backpack and often wear it while traveling right?

If you’ve got one of the backpack canvas plain and want to make Your backpack is more interesting and have a more cheerful impression, then the following tutorial will certainly be beneficial to you.

Tools and materials you will need are:
duffel bag plain
textile color paint/fabric-
paint brush
glass of water
Silver or gold paper (optional)
Making strides:

Use a paint brush and dampen all the duffel bag that would like to be given a color. Make sure all parts are wet so the color of the paint can spread and can blend with other colors.
Use a small sponge, dip a bit in the water and then dip it into the paint color. Paste-Paste paint colors on the bag until the color fused.
Clean the sponge that is already used for other colors. Do the same with the previous process. You can also combine multiple colors to make it look pretty like watercolors. The trick, use a clean sponge and dampen both colors in order to blend.
When you are finished creating it, allow it to dry.
If like, you could add silver or gold color accents by way of attaching a paper color (foil adhesive). Cover with paper and ironing paper to stick to. Let it cool and pull the foil adhesive. You can get two kinds of beautiful duffel bag with the colors are more cheerful.

As one of the younger generation who followed the development of the present mode, you also need to know how to update your stuff to make it more fun and can be used at any time without having to buy a new one. Let’s be smart and beautiful, Ladies.

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