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Chatty When Proposing KPR, Please!

Chatty When Proposing KPR, Please!

Mortgages or MORTGAGES are still being the major facilities utilized community in regards to the purchase of a home. The financing scheme of distributed bank MORTGAGE according to the Ordinance the BI currently is 85% of the price of the House.

In fact, MORTGAGES are provided by banks, although there have been several finance companies that disburse funds from the secondary institution for financing housing (housing financing scheme).

Own MORTGAGE interest of consumers because it offers a number of advantages, including initial cost is not great. Prospective borrowers only be required complete documents including the home down payment have paid off to developers.

Broadly speaking, the General requirements rumah dijual solo  that must be included in the submission of the ACTS is as follows:

CITIZENS and domiciled in Indonesia
Permanent employees with minimum of 2 years work experience
Self employed with a minimum of 3 years business experience
Professional practice experience with at least 2 years
Minimum age at the time of financing given is 21 years, and the maximum retirement age to 65 years for employees or self-employed and professionals
Have a minimum monthly net income of Rp 3 million to employees, the self-employed, and professional (information for the submission of area around Jabodetabek)
Complete the required documents, among others:
a) Employees: Card Identification (ID) Card, a family and marriage licenses, the last Salary Slip or Certificate of salary, bank account statements/savings 3 months, personal TAX ID
b) Self-employed: Identification Card (ID CARD), a card family and marriage certificate, bank account statements/savings last 3 months, last 2 years of financial statements, the legality of the effort (following the last change of statute, TDP, NPWP, SIUP), personal TAX ID
c) Professional: Identification Card (ID CARD), a card family and marriage certificate, bank account statements/savings last 3 months, a valid license to practice, a personal TAX ID
In addition, another advantage of the MORTGAGE is a repayment period can be adjusted with the ability. The longest repayment tenor limit is 25 years.

With regard to the length of time, the customer certainly won’t know what calamities would befall them. It’s either died, suffered permanent disability, tripped over layoffs, home fires, as well as events that are natural such as natural disasters.

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For the sake of coping solution when the unwanted stuff that happens, then the customer is required to more thoroughly and understand the forms of protection that banks are included in the insurance.

“One Islamic bank provides a time limit for its customers 14 days in order to understand very well what is encapsulated in the credit contract sheet. And of course all the bank also implemented such a pattern, “said CEO of Amana Consulting while Sharia Banking Specialist, Ahmad Sholihin Ifham.

The goal, according to Ahmad, so there are no misunderstandings at a later date if there is one case that hit borrowers.

“In the credit contract is recorded clearly article per article that determined the bank, including any insurance policy that can be enjoyed by the customer. Well, as a smart client, read and understand articles and ask if there are any less intelligible, “he explained.

“Nag in the affairs like this, compulsory law!” she insists.

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