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Ceviche, marinated raw fish typical Tiger milk Peru

Ceviche, marinated raw fish typical Tiger milk Peru

Peru does not only have a Machu Picchu, but also a wide range of culinary cultures influenced by Spain, China up to Japan.

One was the ceviche, raw fish dishes similar to sashimi from Japan.

The difference is, there is an additional lemon water which makes the flesh of fish in ceviche cooked without being cooked over a fire. Tiger’s milk also contains the Ceviche (Leche de tigre) that actually contains other herbs and lemon water.

Chef origin Peru, Eduardo Enrique Montes Traverso, share a recipe to make ceviche.


100 g fillet of seabass, 10 ml lemon juice, coriander leaves, 2 grams 5 grams of sweet corn, 5 grams of onion cut lengthwise, 5 grams of red pepper, and 10 grams of mashed purple Yam.

The cooking steps:

1. put salt, chilies and cilantro in a bowl
2. cut fish-shaped dice

“Cut the fish in small boxes in order to make easy lemon soak. But don’t be too small because the lemon later could make fish overly ripe, “said Chef Eduardo Sailendra Restaurant, at the JW Marriott Hotel Jakarta some time ago.

In order for these foods stay fresh, he suggested to put the ingredients in a cool place. Chef Eduardo gave the example with preparing ice cubes to put plates in order to keep the contents cold and fresh.

3. combine fish with herbs
4. Add juice of lemon water, let sit for a minute.
5. Enter the Tiger’s milk
6. Serve with onion, sweet corn puree and sweet purple

Besides the ceviche, you can enjoy the culinary specialities of other Peru Peruvian Palate festival at the JW Marriott Hotel Jakarta until 20 April 2017.

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