Chatty When Proposing KPR, Please!

Chatty When Proposing KPR, Please!

Mortgages or MORTGAGES are still being the major facilities utilized community in regards to the purchase of a home. The financing scheme of distributed bank MORTGAGE according to the Ordinance the BI currently is 85% of the price of the House.

In fact, MORTGAGES are provided by banks, although there have been several finance companies that disburse funds from the secondary institution for financing housing (housing financing scheme).

Own MORTGAGE interest of consumers because it offers a number of advantages, including initial cost is not great. Prospective borrowers only be required complete documents including the home down payment have paid off to developers.

Broadly speaking, the General requirements rumah dijual solo  that must be included in the submission of the ACTS is as follows:

CITIZENS and domiciled in Indonesia
Permanent employees with minimum of 2 years work experience
Self employed with a minimum of 3 years business experience
Professional practice experience with at least 2 years
Minimum age at the time of financing given is 21 years, and the maximum retirement age to 65 years for employees or self-employed and professionals
Have a minimum monthly net income of Rp 3 million to employees, the self-employed, and professional (information for the submission of area around Jabodetabek)
Complete the required documents, among others:
a) Employees: Card Identification (ID) Card, a family and marriage licenses, the last Salary Slip or Certificate of salary, bank account statements/savings 3 months, personal TAX ID
b) Self-employed: Identification Card (ID CARD), a card family and marriage certificate, bank account statements/savings last 3 months, last 2 years of financial statements, the legality of the effort (following the last change of statute, TDP, NPWP, SIUP), personal TAX ID
c) Professional: Identification Card (ID CARD), a card family and marriage certificate, bank account statements/savings last 3 months, a valid license to practice, a personal TAX ID
In addition, another advantage of the MORTGAGE is a repayment period can be adjusted with the ability. The longest repayment tenor limit is 25 years.

With regard to the length of time, the customer certainly won’t know what calamities would befall them. It’s either died, suffered permanent disability, tripped over layoffs, home fires, as well as events that are natural such as natural disasters.

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For the sake of coping solution when the unwanted stuff that happens, then the customer is required to more thoroughly and understand the forms of protection that banks are included in the insurance.

“One Islamic bank provides a time limit for its customers 14 days in order to understand very well what is encapsulated in the credit contract sheet. And of course all the bank also implemented such a pattern, “said CEO of Amana Consulting while Sharia Banking Specialist, Ahmad Sholihin Ifham.

The goal, according to Ahmad, so there are no misunderstandings at a later date if there is one case that hit borrowers.

“In the credit contract is recorded clearly article per article that determined the bank, including any insurance policy that can be enjoyed by the customer. Well, as a smart client, read and understand articles and ask if there are any less intelligible, “he explained.

“Nag in the affairs like this, compulsory law!” she insists.

This Is The Reason Why You Should Insure Your Home

This Is The Reason Why You Should Insure Your Home

Though only briefly, you might briefly wonder about how the importance of insuring a home. Well, usually when you buy a new home first or just pay off MORTGAGES (Mortgages), you will realize that the House is a valuable asset.

Valuable not just from the value of an already issued and money alone, but also because of the process that is to have it also quite long and tiring. The obvious by having home insurance will provide a calmness over your most precious assets.

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And here are some reasons why you need home insurance.

1. As a condition of the loan

Some financial institutions provide terms to have home insurance before submitting a loan. The Agency wanted to ensure that the loan can be repaid with timely and the home you inhabit is safe from natural disasters such as fire or other risks.

For the record, it could be of value to be paid for the loans become more expensive because there are insurance premiums. If possible, buy home insurance outside of the mortgage payments.

2. Protect from lawsuits

Currently, many home insurance that also provide protection not only on the physical condition of the home but also the risk of accidents which may occur in the home. These benefits can also protect you from lawsuits if someone gets hurt at home.

3. Avoid the risk of losing

Home insurance will provide replacement or repair if the House suffered damage from fire, windstorm, earthquakes, and other natural disasters – but does not include flood or disaster due to human action.

There are also some insurance which provides benefits rumah dijual di solo  to protect damage from electrical shock or damage to the water pipes.

4. Protect your home value

The House is one of the largest investment that person does in life. When doing renovations, home values will also increase. This insurance can protect your property, when something undesirable happens then you need not worry about losing the value of the renovation.

5. Give the place a while when a disaster occurs

Insurance companies also exist that provide temporary refuge when natural disasters occur. For example, when a tree fell and make the roof be broken so that its inhabitants could not rest at home for a while. Insurance will provide the cost of the accommodation to your House fixed.

6. Protect from burglars and thieves

Insurance can also protect from robbery or theft in the House. If there is someone who comes in and steals property, insurers will calculate how the value of the lost treasures and will replace it.

In order to process the replacement went smoothly make sure you always records the entire property that is in the home, not just in the form of a document but complete with photos as well as the sign of a purchase.

Indonesia Haven For Foreign Hotel Business Operators

Indonesia Haven For Foreign Hotel Business Operators

According to data from BPS (Central Statistical Bureau), from the year 2008 up to 2015 has been an increase in the number of visits of foreign tourists in Indonesia around 10%. From 6.2 million in 2008 increased to 10.4 million in 2015.

And until August of 2016, the number of foreign tourists visit already entered in numbers 7.36 million or about 8% compared to the same period last year.

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This condition, according to Christy Megawati, Business Development Manager of STR Global, indeed showed that what was done by the Ministry of Tourism more or less affects growth and development of hospitality businesses in Indonesia.

Though what has been done by the Government have not been impacted the most, but at least with a promotion for some tourist destinations more and boost the arrival of foreign tourists to visit Indonesia. Call it some tourist sites are getting to be a prima donna like Raja Ampat, Komodo Island, and more.

And if we breakdown, based on a survey conducted by Leads Property, most foreign tourists visiting Indonesia is apparently derived from 5 countries. Starting from China (9.09%), Malaysia (14,05%), Japan (10,93%), Saudi Arabia (9.68%), and Singapore (8,84%). Where the total visits from 5 countries of about 800 thousand foreign tourists.

This condition is indeed brought a positive impact for hospitality businesses in Indonesia. Potential tourists visit – both from home and abroad – this makes a very large hotel operators – including the international hotel operator – also try looking at the prospect of pulling from the hospitality businesses in Indonesia.

For Indonesia itself, it is clear this is a potential business that can bring in foreign exchange for the country. Because each foreign tourists coming to Indonesia issued an average of 1,100 – 1,200 u.s. dollars per visit (source: PHRI).

In the end no matter the tourism sector contributes significantly to the economy Indonesia. At least 2016 only the tourism sector contributes about 4% and the plan the Government will also increase be 8% by 2020. Therefore the Government hopes by 2020 the number of visits of tourists to Indonesia could reach 20 million tourists.

While several new hotel projects which will be the flagship projects during 4-5 years as follows: two hotels Sofitel, Pullman, one of five hotels hotel Grand Mercure and Novotel, Mgallery hotel ten, and dozens of hotel Mercure and Ibis.

And currently in Bali there are several five-star hotels that are in the process of development, such as: Jumeirah in Jimbaran (Room 104), Marriott Saba Bay Resort in Gianyar (200 rooms), Amari in Pecatu Bali (435 rooms), The Westin Ubud Resort & Spa (110 rooms), and Waldorf Astoria Bali Uluwatu (98).

In the accumulation of data, such as that delivered by Ferry Salanto, Senior Director of Research Asociate Collier International, conditions of supply hotel Jakarta in 4-5 years is also quite interesting.

To Q3-2016 there are about 38,483 hotel rooms in Jakarta. Consisting of a 3-star hotel room 10,665, 15,217 Room 4-star hotel, as well as a 5-star hotel room 12,590, and the rest can go to 3,443 expected to fill out the supply of hotel rooms in Jakarta.

Surprising Facts That Will Make You Stop Wasteful To Buy A Shirt

Surprising Facts That Will Make You Stop Wasteful To Buy A Shirt

Approaching the turn of the month nih, Ladies. Some of you must have already received a monthly salary isn’t it? EITs, before shopping-clothes shopping, make sure you know the important information from the following Cosmopolita.

Initially you may only intend to have a look at the in-store clothes. You may also promise that You will not buy anything. Then, the longer you look, the following few things began to make Your reason to keep shopping. And, we will rebut these reasons with the fact that can make you cancel shopping!

Cheap Lho!
Fact: because it’s cheap, it doesn’t mean you should buy it instead? Not that these items also have a nice quality. Can just stuff it cheap because the quality is bad. As a result within a short time the goods it gets corrupted, and pointless.
While The Discounts
Fact: ask yourself, would You buy it if there are discounts? If the answer is no, then don’t purchase.
Are Ngetren
Facts: Buying goods that are trend means that you will not wear it if that trend has ended. No shame?
There is an important event and I had no Clothes!
Fact: Sure? You not have no clothes, but you don’t want to wear the clothes you already have. Never mind, just save your money, and wear clothes that make you feel beautiful and comfortable.
All My Friend Shopping
Fact: you don’t have to follow all Your friends done kok, Ladies. Better recognize your own limitations, rather than later regret because it’s too wasteful.
Kan’s New Payday
Fact: better spending time finding stuff that’s really good, rather than shopping because of the rather good stuff just because you’re a bunch of money. There are still 4 weeks left to shop for kok.
Do You Want A Payday
Fact: However it would be much better if there’s still more money in your account until you are really payday instead?
I’ve Had A Lot Of Frugality Lately
Fact: then why should go back to the habit of wasteful promosi alfamart again? Change a habit that takes a very long time. So once you get back into the habit of wasteful, you will experience a more severe difficulties when you try to save again.
The Goods Can Be Returned Kok
Fact: it may be true of the goods can be returned in stores, but you will never give it back. Why? For reasons of “Dear”.
Already Wasteful This Month

Online Shopping Tips Anti Circumvention Ala Fatin Shidqia Lubis

Online Shopping Tips Anti Circumvention Ala Fatin Shidqia Lubis

Rapid technological developments apparently indeed affect human life Ladies. Various convenience more perceived one of them in the field of shopping. Now you can get the convenience of shopping through online shopping. In addition to the more practical transactions can also be done anywhere without the need to have internet connection.

However, it needed vigilance because online shopping is also tainted by the manner of the scammers are not responsible. That’s why You should be extra careful before shopping online.

It was also felt by the beautiful singer Fatin Shidqia Lubis. Offered by (10/8), Fatin indeed often buy goods online. Fatin ever had its own reserved tips tricks that he did before deciding to Transact online.

“Once (online shopping, red), but if it’s a bad experience promo indomaret shopping online anyway yet. I see the testimonial, followers, the price of the sold goods, it is usually good but sold at cheap prices so I’m so skeptical, “said Fatin.

When asked more often direct or online shopping, Fatin admitted depending on the goods he needed. He also admitted to rarely buy clothes online because it is difficult to choose the size.

“It depends, if you buy a shirt hell Nah in the online shop. Hard to see the size of the message, for example a size S, but the posted size S fits her turns out to be different, “pungkasnya.

Well, Ladies if you want to shop online then it’s good to see first a variety review. Don’t rush decided, other than that it’s good also to compare prices from one online shop. What is clear, the main key is to always be cautious and careful in choosing. Happy shopping!

Fact: the more extravagant seems to also not good idea deh, Ladies.
True isn’t it? When the logic is hard pressed to walk in the middle of himpitan a burning desire for shopping, those facts are definitely able to arouse you, and make you managed to downsize. Good luck frugality, Ladies!

DIY Tutorial Update More Colorful Canvas Duffel Bag

DIY Tutorial Update More Colorful Canvas Duffel Bag

Duffel bag is the one item of fashion that certainly will not be outdated and will always be cool to wear anytime. Admit it, you might even like it with different models of backpack and often wear it while traveling right?

If you’ve got one of the backpack canvas plain and want to make Your backpack is more interesting and have a more cheerful impression, then the following tutorial will certainly be beneficial to you.

Tools and materials you will need are:
duffel bag plain
textile color paint/fabric-
paint brush
glass of water
Silver or gold paper (optional)
Making strides:

Use a paint brush and dampen all the duffel bag that would like to be given a color. Make sure all parts are wet so the color of the paint can spread and can blend with other colors.
Use a small sponge, dip a bit in the water and then dip it into the paint color. Paste-Paste paint colors on the bag until the color fused.
Clean the sponge that is already used for other colors. Do the same with the previous process. You can also combine multiple colors to make it look pretty like watercolors. The trick, use a clean sponge and dampen both colors in order to blend.
When you are finished creating it, allow it to dry.
If like, you could add silver or gold color accents by way of attaching a paper color (foil adhesive). Cover with paper and ironing paper to stick to. Let it cool and pull the foil adhesive. You can get two kinds of beautiful duffel bag with the colors are more cheerful.

As one of the younger generation who followed the development of the present mode, you also need to know how to update your stuff to make it more fun and can be used at any time without having to buy a new one. Let’s be smart and beautiful, Ladies.

Guitar Techniques Reveal Chris Broderick

Guitar Techniques Reveal Chris Broderick

When he played with electric guitar, his favourite music genre is metal, and at that time all of his friends want to be like Eddie Van Halen. He heard one of the songs from Eddie using the tapping and then he thought that Eddie uses both hands to produce tones on his guitar.

After that game, he heard Yngwie, and she was like getting something up he says “Everything is Yngwie!” then he learned all the songs that he could and Yngwie songs from guitarists such as Jason Becker and Marty Friedman, Greg Howe. He also admires Scott Mishoe, which uses the technique of slapping and popping, and he adopted into little game. Over time, the influence of musikalitasnya the more expansive, and influenced by flamenco music and guitarists such as Paco De Lucia, Paco Peña, etc.

In college he also discovered a new country music influence. Initially he was not so enthusiastic and looking for more about country music before he names like gitar yamaha Chet Atkins and Danny Gatton, he was hooked. He loved the game of Johnny Hiland.

He acknowledged that don’t have the handle remains in the style of play because the more he does know something you don’t know then it is getting worse, so need to learn different things such as different techniques, new style, from other guitarists.

He tells when aged between 15 to 20 years, when he has been practicing with the scale, Arpeggios, have been doing this, doing that, he realized no one should he coached again. Then he realized there are still many who have not bahwaa he should know. Finally he comes to a conclusion that he should do whatever is most interesting to her interest.

“Hopefully, you’ll zigzag your way through the patterns of everything you want to learn. Eventually, you’ll come full circle. ”

With a wide range of music, he suggested that you should focus on your priorities and different things from you want to study. According to him, have the desire is the best way.

Then exercise as what was being now? He started the exercise, focusing on techniques and legato slur with different variations. Then he tried to apply it in scale. He played it the section per section and chose to keep his balance and it is more important than how fast he played. Because if you think are speed, then you will meet failure. “Trust me, I know,” he said.

Here he explains how pick-up techniques hand sweep-picking.

“I think of it the US drawing a straight line from point A to point B, dragging the pick across the strings on an even plane. If it’s a small movement within one octave, I recommend a little bit of “wrist contraction,” meaning you should bend slightly at the wrist as you go across the strings. With larger sweeps across multiple octaves, I recommend keeping the wrist steady, and pulling or pushing the whole arm at once across all of the strings.
The range of the wrist is actually pretty limited, so, for all of the tight/fast picking, I rock it back and forth, without moving my hand out of place. When I need to use a larger picking movement, I’ll move the entire arm so I can change the position of the pick to suit the movement across the strings. ”

Presumably that’s the secret behind the technique of guitar Chris Broderick

John Petrucci Cover Song ‘ Let It Go ‘ With The Kids, Cool Abis

John Petrucci Cover Song ‘ Let It Go ‘ With The Kids, Cool Abis

Single Let It Go soundtrack FROZEN is so popular among music lovers of the world it’s no wonder the UK’s meteoric rise to success as one of the most influential songs by 2014. Even the soundtrack to this FROZEN still often heard in various places, including the mall, the site of karaoke and others.
Because of the popularity, not least those who cover this song was no exception The world-class guitar God John Petrucci. Pentolan group band Dream Theater looks cool played guitar along with a beautiful girl who was supposedly the son of John Petrucci sang the song Let It Go in the video uploaded by a youtube user named Aaron Sil in December 2014.

Although not full song, at least you can see how the Expression this time playing the guitar God Let It Go. Comments of praise and adulation rained video any longer than 1 minute.

Name Chris Broderick is so closely linked to the nuances of heavy metal music. Chris himself is also known as a guitarist in a shredder that uses pick-hand sweep-picking technique and also a very tappingnya dashsyat. Even Dave mustaine praised Chris as “The greatest guitar player Megadeth has ever had.”
Chris started playing guitar when he was 11 years of age. She’s not picky in the fond musical genres ranging from rock, metal, fusion, jazz, classical to country. His favorite guitarist is very diverse ranging from rock guitarists such as Jason Becker, George Lynch, Grew Howe, John Petrucci, Paul Gilbert, Marty Friedman, Jazz guitarists such as Django Reinhardt, Wes gitar akustik Montgomery, Allan Holdsworth and George Van Eps and classical guitarists such as John Williams, Paco de Lucia, Scott Tenant and Pepe Romero.

Had joined for 11 years with Jag Panzer (1997-2008) and McDowell entered Nevermore i.e. years 2001-2003 and 2006-2007, eventually Chris anchored in the world’s leading band MEGADETH.

He then gets his first guitar at the age of 11 years, and he thinks that the guitar was so terrible but he doesn’t care about it and paint it with spray paint guitar so it looks like Eddie Van Halen guitar.
He admitted that his first guitar hero as Eddie. “I loved to do all the pick scrapes and simple repeated pull-offs to open strings,” he said. The initial choice to play guitar make something big changes of social life and after he had a guitar he chose to become a guitarist.

He himself admitted his playing evolving while in high school. He also took lessons on classical guitar, electric guitar, violin and vocals every week. He also took some courses in college while he was in high school so he has a pretty heavy load.

Ironically he was almost expelled from the school because it is too focused to play the guitar. He had met his mother and says that he doesn’t want schools and just wanted to play guitar. But his mother forbids doing it, so he finally fixed the school and finally realized that it could proceed to a music school. “I never realized that was possible. So I went to the University of Denver’s Lamont School of Music and majored in classical guitar performance. ”

Initially he had trouble studying classical guitar because it turns the classic concept that there are very different than he thought. He prefers the electric guitar how to play the violin like skew and mengadaptasikannya in the melody that uses a single string. Yes, we need to be aware that playing the classical guitar is a unique blend of harmony so that between melody and rytem it into a single entity.

The Governor of Riau ramaikan fishing competition at sea

The Governor of Riau ramaikan fishing competition at sea

As much as 822 participants participate in Riau Governor’s Cup fishing competition to 17 in 2017 in the sea of Dumai, and officially opened the Governor Arsyadjuliandi Rachman didamping mayors of Zulkifli USA, Sunday.

The Governor has said, this fishing competition so one flagship cultural tourism destination in the province of Riau and have entered calendar of tourism areas to be developed and promoted to the entire country.

“The province helped promote existing tourism potential in the area because we supported the Ministry, including a fishing competition,” said the Governor in a harbour Pier Fish landing site Sub Damai West.

The Riau provincial government is mentioned, along with other area Damai made as one of the city’s tourism sector and the ultimate digencarkan promotion through tourism agencies and utilizing information technology.

Tourism potential in Damai and other areas was also introduced in the program the Riau World greets the tourist destinations and the other campaign, one also pass Government web

“We will continue to encourage the development of tourism cultural-based Riau as government priorities to improve visitation people come and contribute to financial areas,” sebutnya.

Meanwhile, the Chairman of the Committee for fishing competition Andi Azmi says, most of the participants were citizens of Damai, and there are several anglers from Malaysia, Tanjung Pinang of Riau Islands Province and Batam, Pekanbaru, Rokan Hilir then and Duri in Bengkalis.

Race baiting with the main prize three units this motorcycle has been around since the beginning of the Damai stand and the more famous today for being one of the tour event in Riau and supported by the provincial government.

“Hundreds of participants using 146 ships pompong and 52 speedboat, with the winner of the heaviest fish caught are entitled to prizes on a motorcycle,” said Andi.

Resumption, an assessment conducted by the team winning the jury with a direct counting the fish still alive on Board participants, to avoid the mere result of cheating.

The Main One-Quit How To Information For Several Issues Jewelry

It may be useful and challenging to locate jewelry items that’ll use your everyday clothes. Lots is of info to digest also it might be challenging to use it for your everyday life. The very best guidance hasbeen supplied in this essay for you personally.

Make use of a delicate fabric to maintain your jewelry as frequently while you need. This process guarantees your jewelry remains bright with no utilization of substances and severe solvents. Make use of the two sided fabric to merely polish your jewelry just like you cleaned glass. Use one aspect for the additional and also polishing to shine it.

The Main One-Quit How To Information For Several Issues Jewelry

When you’re searching for jewelry in silver, take a great magnifier along, and take a magnet for steel screening along. When the item you’re analyzing isn’t silver and it is produced from low-rare metal, it’s not silver! Just low-precious materials could be attracted to a magnet.You may usually look for a characteristic press for example “.925” or “STER.” on sterling that is real, for instance ” ” or “.925.” It may be since it isn’t actual when there is no characteristic!

Jewelry is definitely an expense that may last decades. Whenever choosing jewelry, focus to be able to make sure you just on purchasing a quality get highquality items. An invaluable bit of jewelry ought to be well made and show exceptional design. A great jeweler can offer you with a few background about the item, such as the person who made the foundation of valuable rocks or additional supplies along with other background, it, and where any rocks in it originated from. It’s essential that the items are top quality jewelry if you like it to be always a very long time.

Have a look that is great at all of the items that you want, after which maintain anything else you think about to that particular standard. Be cautious of methods that some sellers uses to create a stone search much better than it’s.

Give consideration when they often use ring earrings or men, dimensions, and shades of jewelry the individual wears. These solutions must give a starting place for the purchasing to you.

Maintain your jewelry items searching stunning from discoloration as best while you may by guarding them. When you’re around water.Water attempt to maintain your jewelry rust and may dull some materials even to become damaged or to get rid of their shine or rusty.If you have to consider your jewelry someplace moist, cover it thinly with nailpolish that is clear.

When you’re buying jewelery you’ll have to spend specific interest! Many jewelry are just guaranteed in to the item in the place of collection with stick. You’ll have to stay away from engagement bathrooms or powerful substances . Dried with another fabric and the easiest way to wash these items are to clean having a comfortable moist cloth. This can make sure your jewelry look excellent omdimas

If you like to use and take care of jewelry effectively, then it’s very important to maintain up your understanding to date. You are able to spend some time purchasing jewelry you’ll like about to choose it in the place of reading. Your guidelines can help you to savor your jewelry in the future.